Saturday, 11 May 2013

We made our day


Alhamdulillah,since there was Victory day in Russia on Thursday,i got few days off..means no classes,no tiring days, don't have to rush and wake up early.. but just wanna tell you, we got a very interesting and challenging day which at first i was hesitated to join.. there was Mini ISiswi Games for Pushkinian Muslimah..O,Pushkin is our temporary hostel for these two years and don't know yet where should i stay the years ahead. Back to the topic, there were Chinese girls who join us as well..And of course this game held to make us closer or rapatkan ukhuwah between us,getting    
know each other..and I was one the netball team for 4 matched game..they counted the points and it was like Liga or something..and we won the second place! Even i doubted myself,and never play netball even for school team,but my friends trusted me..and i felt like being appreciated that way..

 There were explorace as well..As usual,we need to run for every check points..but a little bit different when came to this point,where we need to memorize a sentence from Al-Quran..then,after memorizing them,proceed to the next points..
something new that i learned when i come to this Souviet Land.. Hafaz few sentences Al-Quran in explorace..doesn't it amazing?we're enjoying games and the same time we do not forget Him, Alhamdulillah
Tarbiyyah is anywhere and Allah never let we fall without His guide..

Picnic after games..

Our big family in Russia..we maybe different in background,races but we are 
1 Malaysian =)

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