Saturday, 11 May 2013

Happy Mama's day

assalamualaikum..for me everyday is Mother's Day..because i feel my life is not complete when i do not call mom for a day and report everything i've done..and here my wish to my mom..

at nenek's home

Assalamualikum to my mom..

Happy Mama's day..i know you don't have Facebook,Twitter and stuffs..but i want people know that i love you really deep in my heart.. When i was young,you're strict mother and i know i went afould you and you scolded me,and i cried,and sometimes i want other's mom,who is kind hearted and never easily vent their anger..and i hate you, i went angry when you asked me to wake up early,you asked me to help you to do chores in the morning, cabut rumput and tanam bunga in front of our house,i was so scared if my friends passed by our house and look at me and they might say,"why don't u just ask ur Bibik do that for you?" how should i say? We don't have Bibik..when i asked mom,why we don't have one? Mom said," because Abah wants mom to do everything for him,that way to be an Isteri solehah for Abah,cook for him,wash his clothes with mom's hands".. then,i never asked her again..and i hate when mom asked me to be with my abang and adik to study from 2 p.m to 5.30 p.m while my neighbors were keep calling me to play 'bola katok' outside..and mom will keep scolding when it was 7 p.m to prepare for Solat Maghrib berjemaah with Abah but i still sticked on Tv to watch Shinchan and Doraemon... but Mom..thank you so much..when the time passes,i know why you did that.. we live together for 12 years fully,but then i left you for boarding school,and at home once a month,then i leave you again for medical school and come home once a year..i miss you..but i know,you're happy to see me at this stage.. and i really appreciated what you have done..everytime i come back home,i just smile when you're nagging because i miss your voice and because i love you mom.. thank you for everything =)

From: Kak Long

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