Friday, 12 April 2013

Second day in Paris i'm going to share some pictures taken when i was in last winter vacation...
The 1st day in Paris, was just tiring day after almost 8 hours in bus from Amsterdam.Just check on my last entry, planned,we stayed at St. Christopher's Inns..which much more better than Flying Pig Inn at Amsterdam..

The view from our room..

The very first meal in Paris at India Town..
Because we miss Malaysian's foods too much,
we went to this restaurant 3 days Roti Canai and curry.
 Oh man,frankly speaking,
i'm craving for roti canai and roti tempayan by kedai mamak at the airport junction nearby my house.. sigh

St. Christoper Inns was like a hostel..suits for us,students but better live in hotel if you are with families.

Here we go..i woke up early in the morning and preparing myself with enough breakfast as i was going to discover all over Paris..but i thought still had not enough to cover all..You know,Paris actually like Moscow, a big,busy city with crowd,and we need to travel by using metro,like in Moscow,but if you got extra pocket money,just rent a taxi and so that you could see the views outside ..and of course I love Amsterdam more!

The first place we visited is Musee' du Louvre.. And our intention was looking for Mona Lisa which was the art works of well known Italian artist,Leonardo da Vinci..
The ticket was about 12 euro something,isn't it?
or maybe less than 10 euro?? ok ok...i forgot..hehe

Such cute friends..haha..

Could you see Mona Lisa behind me?? 

They're obsessed over her, and I didn't feel like to hurt myself by going closer to the potrait because i knew,i'll be pushed by them..but my friends did..and argued and pushing each other..
and no doubt,they got very beautiful,clear picture with her..haha..they deserved it..  

And we didn't forget to visit the Arts of Islam in the museum..

Time for Souvineirs...

I love Paris because it has lots of Halal's Restaurant, i could say for every three restaurants i met, must be one of them is halal..People who live in Paris should be thankful for this..
I wonder if Moscow could be like that too..who knows? maybe one day, insyaAllah when Islam dominates the world...

Qema's crush in Paris...

Visited Gallery Lafayette,Paris..

The heaven of Eu' de toilette... 

315 euro for such bag?? haha..i was not afford them...
But later,when i'm a working woman..should come again...
But still the death is closer than anything else..

I just like this picture..the trees without leaves..

Captured the moment!

The last place we visited,the must visit place if you go to Paris,
Eiffel Tower...

Waiting for Mr.Right??

I'm not google this picture..i swear i took it myself..
MasyaAllah..i mesmerized with with the scenery..

We already planned to go to this place at evening,so that we didn't lose the chances to see the views during the day and night as well..

That's all for today's entry..Hope you guys enjoy them!
Till the next entry..


  1. Subhanallah. Such an amazing scenery.

    Tak sabar nak tunggu next entry. ^^

  2. the next would be about Disneyland! just wait ;)

  3. What a journey!My favourite pic goes to eiffel tower :)
    nway,best of luck for your studies.. may you be a good doc in the future :)

  4. tq for the do'a..insyaAllah i'll do my best =)