Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Too busy to write my story

Hai..i think it's too long since i visited my own blog. Live as usual..but i prefer to update amd upload some photos on instagram instead here as my schedule on third year medical study is not allow me to do so.


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Saturday, 17 August 2013

World Class Doctor

Haii..yesterday,i've attended the super awesome  program held by Persatuan Mahasiswa Terengganu(PERMATA) who invited all  Terengganu's medical students from all over countries to expose on how to achieve double standards quality of a future doctor. I told you,there's no other great chances like this.Go and join if there are in your places. I really enjoy it.. No doubt!! There were two specialist guided us and it was like forum and we could ask anything on medical world. 

This guy is Halim,the presentor of my group and presentative of Mansoura University,Mesir.

Ok,its time to slowly packing my things..but i do not even start buying anything yet. If i could stay longer here.sigh 


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Back to School

Assalamualaikum..hey guys..since i haven't posted any new entries lately,i think its about two know,i'm having too much fun at home with my families and the present of new member,my first nephew,and the very first grandson to mom and dad,my baby doll Muhammad Fayyadh Khalish make me leave my blog for awhile.. I've posted lots of his photos in my instagram,do check them out,i think its not my instagram anymore it's Khalishs'.. By the way,this is my first entry with my new white ipad mini. It is going to be easier to update more entries soon..and maybe i could bring less books to school.. Oh man, in 12 days i need to say good bye to Malaysian's food and say hai to the potatoes,fish burger and babushka (nenek at Russia yg over garang) :)))
Anyway..see you again in the next entry.. Oh ya,please do pray to our brothers sisters in Mesir..may Allah give them strenght and merci. 

                           Took this photo from my facebook.. Medical school's minneys.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

When i joined the Club

hai,recently i was involved in an association which a bit or much changes my ordinary life before.and me as a junior medical student have given the responsibility to carry out this amanah.. Actually i was promoted by my Naqibah who lead me in our usrah in Moscow to join this association even i was  hesitated to accept it at the beginning,but i think, why don't i give it a try and keep it as a challenge for me and i could learn lots of things from it! And plus.. life is boring without you put your life in the line! so, here is
 the Introduction of Persatuan Perubatan Islam Moscow..


Thank you for watching =)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Good Luck for Final Exam

Assalamualaikum.. hai..its been awhile, i've been so busy with colloq, collecting credits for final exam and yess..tomorrow will be the day !!
I would like to wish  good luck to all my friends and myself, for Physiology Final Exam.
We've read,memorized,practiced and did lots of effort, and do not forget Do'a..
And the last thing we should do is tawakal, insyaAllah everything will be okay..

Lots of love,
Iki =)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Happy Mama's day

assalamualaikum..for me everyday is Mother's Day..because i feel my life is not complete when i do not call mom for a day and report everything i've done..and here my wish to my mom..

at nenek's home

Assalamualikum to my mom..

Happy Mama's day..i know you don't have Facebook,Twitter and stuffs..but i want people know that i love you really deep in my heart.. When i was young,you're strict mother and i know i went afould you and you scolded me,and i cried,and sometimes i want other's mom,who is kind hearted and never easily vent their anger..and i hate you, i went angry when you asked me to wake up early,you asked me to help you to do chores in the morning, cabut rumput and tanam bunga in front of our house,i was so scared if my friends passed by our house and look at me and they might say,"why don't u just ask ur Bibik do that for you?" how should i say? We don't have Bibik..when i asked mom,why we don't have one? Mom said," because Abah wants mom to do everything for him,that way to be an Isteri solehah for Abah,cook for him,wash his clothes with mom's hands".. then,i never asked her again..and i hate when mom asked me to be with my abang and adik to study from 2 p.m to 5.30 p.m while my neighbors were keep calling me to play 'bola katok' outside..and mom will keep scolding when it was 7 p.m to prepare for Solat Maghrib berjemaah with Abah but i still sticked on Tv to watch Shinchan and Doraemon... but Mom..thank you so much..when the time passes,i know why you did that.. we live together for 12 years fully,but then i left you for boarding school,and at home once a month,then i leave you again for medical school and come home once a year..i miss you..but i know,you're happy to see me at this stage.. and i really appreciated what you have done..everytime i come back home,i just smile when you're nagging because i miss your voice and because i love you mom.. thank you for everything =)

From: Kak Long

We made our day


Alhamdulillah,since there was Victory day in Russia on Thursday,i got few days off..means no classes,no tiring days, don't have to rush and wake up early.. but just wanna tell you, we got a very interesting and challenging day which at first i was hesitated to join.. there was Mini ISiswi Games for Pushkinian Muslimah..O,Pushkin is our temporary hostel for these two years and don't know yet where should i stay the years ahead. Back to the topic, there were Chinese girls who join us as well..And of course this game held to make us closer or rapatkan ukhuwah between us,getting    
know each other..and I was one the netball team for 4 matched game..they counted the points and it was like Liga or something..and we won the second place! Even i doubted myself,and never play netball even for school team,but my friends trusted me..and i felt like being appreciated that way..

 There were explorace as well..As usual,we need to run for every check points..but a little bit different when came to this point,where we need to memorize a sentence from Al-Quran..then,after memorizing them,proceed to the next points..
something new that i learned when i come to this Souviet Land.. Hafaz few sentences Al-Quran in explorace..doesn't it amazing?we're enjoying games and the same time we do not forget Him, Alhamdulillah
Tarbiyyah is anywhere and Allah never let we fall without His guide..

Picnic after games..

Our big family in Russia..we maybe different in background,races but we are 
1 Malaysian =)