Thursday, 4 April 2013

Journey to Paris

Assalamualaikum..hai..its been 2 months,but i couldn't even finish my entries about the winter trip. You know,just typical student life..classes, quizzes, tests and lots more activities should be done.
Ok,back to the topic.. from Amsterdam to Paris we took Euro Lines to Paris,know what??
At first,seriously we thought that was kind of metro or train..but actually,it was bus? 
ok,fine..that was the best experience i ever had..
And our journey began..

Windmills are along the roads..beautiful yea??
i was just have nothing to say..but Alhamdulillah..
When we walk around His world,lots more we are going to discover,
and each time He'll never disappoint us..

Paddy fields maybe? i don't think so..there were bunches of unique houses too..and i started dreaming to own those kind of house one day,who knows..

Now,2 hours at Brussels ..Pak Cik driver asked to leave the bus and we're free for some time.
I walked around and looking for Halal's foods..
Alhamdulillah,we met few restaurants..
Brussels is well known with their tempting,delicious waffles..i'm not lying,they were really really awesome..i'm craving for them now..yammmiiii...!!

I wanted to bite this giant waffle,they looked crazy yummiii!!

And these are kinda kebab..but they have their own name in Brussels,surely i couldn't remember it,i got short term memories..haha

They're showing off..haha 

Rounding the city..

Again,beautiful windmills...

We're close to Paris! I was like,nervous,u know..Its Paris!
Just tell me,does anybody doesn't want to step on the this Love City?
Or maybe i'm the only crazy girl who just dreaming on the day?
Let me know your answer...
Till next entry!


  1. OMG ! it's really nice dear.. wahh..teringinnya nak g travel sana.. tambah2 nampak waffle yang yummy gilerrr tuh. :P

  2. was greatest moment..juz loving their sceneries..