Saturday, 16 March 2013

Madame Tussauds,Amsterdam

Assalamualaikum..ok,its been a month,but still i want to write about my winter vacation..and now,it is about Madame Tussauds which located at Dam,which in the heart of town centre but before it was at Kalverstrat where the first site outside of England since may see your favourite artists here,as they made the wax resemble them..i tell you,i didn't know their name,mostly..
Because i love to take pictures,so,why don't i just make them as my partner in my photo's collection right? but i could feel you must get irritate watching my face everywhere,almost every pictures..Haha..don't blame on me..i just being me..

She was so excited asking me to take her picture..Haha
If he could speak..

Made our own band..

Was it Jadoo?? 

I played this few times when i was in secondary school..that was the reason i joined band school.
Unfortunately,my teacher said,i was too small to carry drum and stuffs..
but still,i love my trumpet..

Sorry,i borrowed your sit..hehe

That was how they made the waxes..

Riding bicycle..

You could buy the souvenirs if you want..As for me,every place i go,i'll buy something that would remind me about those memories i've created.. 

Pink padlocks..i bought one..

Good boys..

Till the next entry..!
The end =)


  1. AhHhhhh ! best nyaa ! btw, yang alien tu ET kan ? bukan jadoo.. haha

  2. haha..really? i'm sure u know better ..