Friday, 15 February 2013

Amsterdam,The bicycle village again...the latest entry..about AMSTERDAM..
Have you ever been there??
Let me share you some about my trip..i wish i could tell you from A to Z..but unfortunately,the microbiology, physiology, internal disease books are waiting to face me.. ok ,no..actually i'm,the one who need to face them,sigh...but never mind,people says..let the pictures tell you the synopsis..
So,let us use that theory..

In Amsterdam, we stayed at Flying Pig Uptown Hostel..
 what??? Khinzir terbang? my goshhh!!
What did you expect from a line of the name?
And,we, people who staying in that hostel were called "Piggies"..
How did i know? I read on the advertisement board at the lobby..
It sounds like 
"HELLO PIGGIES..wanna join us at the bar cafe?Visit the Flying Pig Downtown and bla bla bla.."

And we began the tour on the next day..

This is Malyn, my pretty lady batch mate,a,k.a my not so talented photographer ..
HAha..just kidding,she was good at finding the right angle for taking pictures..
I guess..

Breakfast at the bar..never been at such place before.. The disco during night,but restaurant during the was so loud at night..wait,don't get us wrong..we just went in to take water at the water cooler.. :)

Creative wall decoration..

The local citizens use bicycles as their was just a nice view..and i love the way they are..very friendly and nice..and one more thing.You don't have to worry if you lost in Amsterdam..Just ask people around and they will kindly show you the directions..i highly recommend you guys to visit Amsterdam even once..I swear, Amsterdam is really awesome.. 

She said,she was like in Korean drama..

The 'must go' place in Amsterdam..

The happy Kiddos..

Can i have this bike? Sweet pink.. 

Bicycle and canal cruises are  everywhere..
Met my love,here..

Rent a bike..round the towns..

Now,i'm a good map reader..

Amsterdam Central..

Could ride the tourist bus if you want..but i'm not really sure how much does it costs..

Madame your favorite artists here..
And i'll make special entry about this..just to show off..haha
Just joking =P

Sungguh tekun menelaah peta..

At Royal Palace,Amsterdam,Dam Square..
Neither king nor queen live here..

Ten of us..Met Malaysian Businessman who kindly offered to take our picture..

David..our tour guide..

The American Book Center..

Till meet again..


  1. ya Allah, bestnyaaa dapat belajar kat negara org.. cantik betul suasana kat rusia... kos medik ke???

    1. Ainaa roseberry: ha'a medic..Alhamdulillah,rezeki blaja kt ngara org..nnt dtgla la jln2 sini =)

  2. subhanallah.. seriously, best dapat tengok gambar2 awak.. it's really awesome. :) selamat menuntut ilmu di bumi Rusia. ^^