Saturday, 2 February 2013


Assalamualaikum..hai buddies..its been a month since my last entry..indeed,i'm totally off from exam mode...Alhamdulillah,i passed for both papers and got 2 weeks day off for winter break..and yup..its time to leave the country!

For the past week, i have spent my time by watching Korean and English movies,certainly to enhance my vocabulary,you won't never know if you didn't stay in Moscow..I love English much better than Russian Language.Not because i hate it,but it is too difficult..You can tell me i'm a lousy future doctor..but i won't blame on you..seriously i was study hardly for the past few months thanks to my Lord, Allah SWT for gave me strength  through the day and night..and tomorrow,i'm going to trip for a a week..guess where? 
Amsterdam and Paris..
I was quite nervous as this is my first time having an Europe trip,with my colleagues.. and the expenses along the trip,fully supported by my lovely dad..i got no money anymore...Thanks to Abah again..

Ok, these are the bunch of stuffs to bring along..
  1. Lots of chocolates and we need to wait for 2-3 hours before flight departure..and certainly provide lots of energy.Don't let your glucose level low along the day as lot of places to go and walk.. Unless, you just want to stay in the hotel alone.

  2.Check the weather..Its 1-2 degree in Amsterdam now,windy and rainy..need to bring more     stockings..and the umbrella too.. 

  3. Adaptor,extension,and personal things..this is the extra baggage specially for foods and things..we do own our small hand luggage for clothes.

I think, thats enough for follow me for the next updates..
Stay in touch.

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