Friday, 15 February 2013

Journey to Amsterdam,Paris

Assalamualaikum..hello i told before i had joined the trip to Amsterdam and Paris for 8 days..Because we were too excited, we went to the airport 5 hours earlier..ok, that was obviously we can't wait any longer..but indeed,the Airport Sheremetovo,Moscow took  1 hour journey from  the hostel. My trip was about the girls trip..ok, no boys to rely on. Then,still got 4 hours more before check,we decided to take as many pictures as we wanted..
No doubt..girls love to be a model of their own album collections..And now,i could say,we are unofficially,talented photographers for each other..Just because.

The kids when they cute..i like their styles..

Bunches of stuffs to bring along..

After 2 hours flight,transit at Tallin,for 25 minutes..actually ,we were quit rushing for the next flight as they asked for the purposes,the hotel bookings,flight tickets and lots more..and i was like annoyed with their services,too strict..
and then,we ran to the could imagine,how we ran with the hand luggage, and i didn't care if people were staring at us..i thought,that was a great experience we ever had..

Alhamdulillah, never let the chances to tadabur His creation..
So beautiful, masya Allah

This flying bird brought us to our destiny..

Amsterdam Airport.

Till the next entry,see ya..


  1. So envy you.. wish I had a chance to go to amsterdam

  2. MIra Cikcit..insyaAllah, u'll get there somethere..