Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Birthday My Hero

Assalamualaikum..its been long time since i posted my last entry,as final exam  is around the corner.Ok,i cannot even breath thinking about Histology and Anatomy's exam...but i try to find some time  for my precious,loving,sturdy,adorable dad..Lemme tell you..Today is my dad's birthday..

Happy 55th Birthday Abah..!!!
Sannah Helwah to the only Abah, Abi, Papa, Daddy, Ayah...

This is the song for you, abah =)

Allah selamatkan kamu..
Allah selamatkan kamu....
Allah selamatkan Abahku sayang..
Allah selamatkan kamu...

Big applause to me..clap3...hehe

I collected this leaf during last autumn,special for abah..

He is my Abah.. Che Soh Bin Muda, and was born on 27 Dicember 1957..
He is not a Datuk or Minister to be proud of,but it just because he is my Dad,enough to make me proud of him..i guest you guys have the same thought as me about your dad.

Ooo abah..

He once became a baby sitter when i was a baby and still,a baby sitter of his daughter even i'm 20 now..yeahh..because he is a father..I love you, abah

He was my driver when i was about off to school..I love you abah

He was my mathematics' teacher when i was primary and secondary school..

He is my motivator to consult in he is a Lecturer of Psychology =)

He is my bank when i have no enough money..and he never say no when i asked everything,I love you abah..

I seldom call him rather than mom..but i know..he always asks mom about me..
Thank you abah for everything..Alhamdulillah ya Allah,you gave him to me...

Yesterday,it was about -20 degree outside..and i wore triple protection coats to play outside..
People might say i'm crazy but i want to make snow man specially for my dad..but unfortunately,the snow was bit dry and hard to make into shapes..
so,i just made a short,cute snow man and the weather not allowed me to continue my creative art..and you know,its getting darker early in winter even it was just 5 o'clock..i needed to stop as maghrib  time...

So....thats it!! 

I miss you abah..!!! bye.. :)))


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