Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gaza in our Dream

Assalamualaikum..last night, i had a dream..Before i sleep,i kept thinking about bombing in Gaza..Peoples attacked and lots of children died..And i think,it was about 4 to 5 o'clock a.m. But i'm not really sure..That dream begin like this..

One day,students in Moscow had gathering in Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow..There're huge amount of us,heading to the hall and i was walking  the most behind..but people asked me to go forward and stay at the first line..because i am too small i guess..but suddenly,there's a girl running toward us and my attention at that time was her!! I didn't know,where was she coming from..But when i looked behind me,all students were running out of the hall.I was terrified and ran too!
and...just few steps from the hall's door...
We were under attacked.... by who???
There're huge fire behind..and peoples  behind me,they couldn't reach the door and caught in the fire!!
It was really surprised me..!
I don't know what i've to do! 
I was safe from fire..MasyaAllah....
and then,we were hiding from the attackers...and
suddenly my brother,Syafiq called me on the phone..but i couldn't answer him..because we're in panic situation and i couldn't think much..

Finally,i woke up from sleep..It was just a dream!..but i felt the pain in my chest.
I breath hardly..i was so scared..i even can not get up to toilet..My body was shaking..
And i realized something here..
Even it was only a nightmare, i felt so real...
Ya Allah,how's muslims in Gaza survive?
What do they feel?
The pain they've got..
I feel it too.. 
And today, when i was scrolling facebook status, i met these!

Aiman Azlan: I had a dream that my home was under attack. People throwing bombs everywhere. Subhanallah, it felt so real. I felt like I could die at any moment. It was terrifying. 
For a brief moment, I can understand what the Gazans are feeling.
O Allah, thank you for that dream. Grant victory to our brothers and sisters. Ameen.

and this..

Putera Muhammad Nilam: I've felt it too brother.Bombs all over the place,It was felt like so real.After I woke up,I've said to myself how lucky I am living in a peaceful Country,not like our brothers at there Surrounding with fear. :(

Nur Nabihah Yusof :I had a dream too..but before the war of israel-gaza happen few days scares me.i told my mum once i wake up.i said..there will be a war mum's ok dear.allah is here.let's pray.everything going to be fine. with a smile on her face.she tried to calm me down..

And then,now I feel sad knowing that the wars was real.not just in my dream.i cried..bcoz i knew the pain of losing someone we so dear like my mum..but i think allah is trying to tell me to believe in him more.i remember what my mum told me.."everything going to be fine dear..allah is here..".so i keep praying and pray..and from now on,not only me but i hope other people will always pray for them too..not only when we hear news about the wars..but until the the end of our lives we should pray for islam's victory..prayer should be continous.not just because an event..that is what i believe.

check it out..

We got almost the same dreams...MasyaAllah..How could it be...
Lets pray for Gaza...

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