Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lets Pray for Gaza

Assalamualaikum...firstly,i would like to wish Salam Maalhijrah to all muslims all over the world..
Alhamdulillah,Zulhijjah left us with the full of barakah from Him..And some of our parents went to Makkah for Haji came back safely..MasyaAllah,Alhamdulillah...
Yeah..i'm not denying that i was busy with my tests,mini exams, MCQ or anything related to Medicine,and even tomorrow,i've got a written test of Bichemistry which  is the most killing subject i guess..but i try to steel some times to write an entry about what has happened to Palestinian on this Muharram..

A picture taken from the southern Israeli town of Sderot shows smoke billowing from a spot targeted by an Israeli air strike inside the Gaza strip on November 15, 2012.

An injured Israeli baby is held by a security officer inside an ambulance at the scene where a rocket, fired from Gaza, landed in the southern city of Kiryat Malachi November 15, 2012.

 Palestinian medics carry a wounded baby into the al-shifa hospital in Gaza City following an Israeli air strike on November 14, 2012. 

Smoke rises after Israeli air strikes in the northern Gaza Strip November 14, 2012.

 Spot targeted by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City in the early hours of November 15, 2012.


Let's pray for Gaza..insyaAllah..


  1. same-2 la kita jadikan peristiwa ini sebagai permulaan untuk ke arah yang lebih baik .

  2. semoga semua saudara kita disana selamat. amin. :)

  3. Amin...insyaAllah..sama2 kita doakn segalanya erakhir segera.