Friday, 13 July 2012

Practical Week

Assalamualaikum I told before, i had a practical at Hospital in Moscow for 3 weeks..Alhmdulillah,everything have done very well.. I learned lots of things at Clinical Centre..How to wash hand correctly,how to do muscle injection and vein injection and how to wear gloves...I  thought that was simple but when i learned it,its quit complicated, ingatkan main cucuk je..haha. Thats why applying is the best way of learning process..And the other interesting moment when my group were placed at Pulmonology and Cardiology Deprtment.. We worked as Nurse Assistant..that means we need to help the nurses doing their job..and observed the procedure of same cases.. and we also got opportunity to transfer patients to Rengent Cabinet (X-ray room), watched nurses doing IV and IM and some of us allowed to do it..and the best part when we were with patients..they asked everything about us and of course,we communicated in Russian Language..Like Duck talks to Chicken..Some of words were difficult to understand..and I brought my Russian Dictionary 24 case kalau xpaham tahap critical..And when nurses asked us to bring patient's history, we brought to the wrong place and sometimes, when Doctor asked for us,all of us used to follow her and what we did?? We left the patient  alone,in front of the lift, kesian  mak Cik...actually Doc just asked one of us to follow her..BUt indeed!! 
We did what we asked,we didn't do what we didn't ask to! 

Waiting for jobs..

Doing muscle injection...and  now i knew how cruel the Doctor is!!
Ha ha ha...

Watching surgery from the top..this room provided for practical students..
We were allowed to join them in operation theater 
but we didn't have the scrub(surgery attires)..
And i'm not strong enough to watch it closely..i guess

The major omentum brought out of abdomen..

Alhamdulillah..exam for practical pn da settle..
and tomorrow is the day i've been waiting so long!!
Malaysia, here we go!!!

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