Saturday, 8 September 2012

Russian Students Summer Retreat

 Assalamualikum.haii..its been very long time since the last entry i've know,when i was at home,i didn't even have time for blogging or facebooking cause i spent most of the times with my family,especially with my boboy twins..And..Our last Ramadhan passed with full of barakah,Alhamdulillah..When i came back from Moscow,i'd attended Russian Students Summer Retreat which was held at Angulia Beach Resort,Terengganu..and i got an opportunity to get acquainted with lots of new friends from all universities in Russia. They were from Nidzhi Novgorad, Volgograd, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow State Medical University, Russian State Medical University and St Petersburg.

Met my old friend here,Siti..

Reciting Al-Mathurat at 7 a.m..while watching the beautiful of Allah's creations..

Actually, i was really excited wearing this jubah cause it was a gift from my daddy which bought 
from Makkah..

The most friendly housemates i ever seen..

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