Friday, 6 July 2012

Special for AISAr & AREP

Assalamualaikum..its kinda  bit funny when there are two handsome guys requested to write a special entry about them..Who they are???
Tak lain dan tak bukan, 
Arif Hijazi and Muhammad Aisar Azizol Rahman.. 
Lemme introduce about them...Both are 20 years old, unmarried and still available..haha

Arep..has finished his study in Foundation of Science at Puncak Alam,Selangor,same as me..
but i was sort of knew that he was a hot stuff guy among girls at our campus..
Yeke??? Asal ambe x kenal pon..Haha. And now,he had finished his 1st year study in Medical Study. Lemme tell you, he's a private student,who got PAMA scholar..
Kellllaassss kau JAH..!! 
Status?? Single kott...PM me if you want to get acquainted with him..   

 And next, Aisar si budak genius..I dunno,some of my friends said that...He had finished his study in Foundation of Science at Pusat Asasi Sains UM, (PASUM).. 
but I don't know about his life at Pasum..and had done with1st year study in Medical study after got through some obstacles and circumstances..bcoz of his sleeping habit and missed few lessons,he got problems in getting zachut (credit for semester)..But he did 1 week, he tried to get all zachuts, he took 4 or  5 topics of Biochemistry exam in only few days where others need few months to prepare for it!!, he made atrabotka( extra classes)  which actually 6 lessons after all,but he just attended twice, but  did the last presentation of Psychology quite well,i thought so..
Hemmm..pandai2 anak Pak Azizol..

I wonder,what was he thinking about??

Like a BOSS!!

He, as a future DOCTOR...

Doing vein injection ..

The moment when he was watching Real Madrid vs CSKA..
i watched it too!!

Aisar's gawky legs..just acting.. 

 1 year ago... the best part!!

They were doing part time job...i guess..haha
To earn some money,they must be committed to their jobs..
They worked hardly, but i looked them adorably...HAhaha..
The cutest scenes...Rugi tak tengok bro!!!

Aisar si Pemotong Kelapa..

Arep as a Pak Cik Cleaner...