Friday, 15 June 2012

Moscow Zoo Park

Asasalamualaikum..hai..its been long time i didn't write on my blog..Alhamdulillah..I've finished my 1st year  in Medical study. And guess what?? i'm free now..yahuuuuuuuu!! And there are lots of things to do queue up in my mind. Yesterday, i went to Moscovskii ZooPark..with my group mates..but some of us went back to Malaysia already..And..Last two days,i went to Korean Karnival..I'll update about it soon..Check it out!!
We started our journey at 11 a.m heading to Barrikadnaya,the place where the Zoo situated and brought some foods from Terengganu posted by my mom..

Here we go!!

The entrance is free bcoz we have student cards..
Kemain lagi pergi Zoo Moscow.Zoo Negara pn xpenah2 sampai..Haha
But i ever went to Zoo Melaka once..=0 

I met this cute Russian boy...

I'm not 20!!  I'm 2 years old!!

Stay away frome Cik SSss!!

This is not Burung Sarawak ye!! But I don't know what kind of species he is!
But Kingdom Animalia for sure!!

I was lucky bcoz Mr.Bear was here..
During winter, Mr.Bear kept in their house,they said..

A pity man was here!!
 I saw, he was alone..Look at his hands,preparing for nasyid..
Or he taught to do so..haha

Mr.Bear was catching his foods..
I was exaggerated happy looking at  him aggresively caught the bread thrown by visitors..

Mr. and Mrs. Bear were kissing..

The old Camel.. and cute boys with curly hairs..

What was he trying to do!!!


I bought Cik Bunny at the entrance door for 200 rubles..

I want to be small again..miss my arwah Atuk soo much..(Al-Fatihah)

This tower could be seen from the zoo..very nice view..

Rest for awhile...Its really tiring walking in this large Zoo!!

Lots of artist came here to draw Cik HAiwan.

And last thing we did..Makan2 at Efrasia..
And guess what??
I ordered 2 plates of rice and spicy chicken..
And i finished all of them myself..
Oh my lucky happy stomach...
The price of the meals were about 400 rubles..
My dad said," don't mind if your money gone for your stomach "
Hehe..(thats why i love to eat so much)..=P


  1. sy penah g zoo nih mase winter tahun ni..haha..memang besr tp binatang mse winter sume tido n ckit je..

    next time hikmaht kene bawok g jalan2 la nampknya. :)

    1. insyaAllah..davai2..huhu..u may come anytime.hehe