Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wish to be there..

Assalamualaikum and zdasvitier..A kak dela? (How are you??)..Now,only one month to go to finish my first year study..then, Summer Break and go back to Ganu Kiterr...How i wish to travel Europe one day..haha. (start to menabung from now on)..Yesterday i got a cute,golden Eiffel Tower keychain from Kak Mun, my Usrah's Naqibah..bought from Paris..

I took these photo with my beloved Samsung Galaxy S2 gifted by Abang Long..
they look well here..i guess so..=)
and still thinking what kind of present should i give to him as he gonna marry soon..
(after 5 years engaged)...huhhh,its been very long time..This is our first marriage in my famili..
i can't imagine how could i share my abang with other woman..but still,i wish he will be a good husband to her future wife, a loving father to his child (like my ABAH
and be a  leader in his marriage till Jannah..Amin,InsyaAllah...


  1. how i wish i can get samsung galaxy s2.. huhu

  2. Haha..actually abg i yg kasi hadiah b4 fly ke sini.klu nk beli sendiri mmg xla..hehe.

  3. Anyeonghaseyyo..
    Your abang is so nice >.<
    And that Eiffel keychain, let's go to Paris, chingu ~

  4. anyeonghaseyyo..haha..will be there some day,insyaAllah..