Thursday, 21 June 2012

Anyeonghaseyyo.. i told before, i will update about the Korean Festival that i've attended. Yupp..i'm dotty over Korean Drama and their korean artist. Fortunately, there's a senior told us that there would be Korean Festival at Sport Zal Dinamo..OMG...!!! but...I'm not sure what was the exact name of the place. And guess what?? On that day, i woke up late and my friends left me earlier as their journey guided by that senior..
And the story begin..huhhhhh..
Firstly, i went to Metro Aeraport and then,didn't know where should i go. Jazmi and I just used his Samsung Note Map and we walked for about 2 hours to find that Stadium. Ok..this is funny..when we arrived there, can you imagine what we felt when standing in front us was an old,idle stadium.  
(or in other word,kami sesat!!)
Ok, i gave up already and decided to go back and took bus heading to Metro..even though i was exaggerated penat and exhausted,  suddenly i found that the place was very eye catching..the building,the tower..very unique and beautiful..

waaaa...ocin krasivaya....

Alhamdulillah,fortunately, i saw the sport zal and yahuuuu!!! We did it! We found the place where lots of korean around the places. Rupanya ramai jugak Korean kat Moscow ni..hehe
As i came late, i missed the best part where the visitor could wear their traditional Japan, we call it Kimono, but i dunno what in Korea..but the dresses are quite the same.
Then there was konsert by Russian artist and Korean(but not artist)..included Kpop Dance by 
United Dance Club...i was mesmerized when looking at the Russian girls..they know every single song.. Ghupenye bukan Malaysian girls aje yg crazy over KPop ni..I recorded few videos, but i wonder why they can't be uploded was really amazing, but maybe next time i'll try to upload them again..

And last,but not least..i bought 3 cute socks of CNBlue, SHINee and BEAST!!!
Don't jelly u..

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