Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Assalamualaikum..and zdravsviteer.. I bought something awesome and cute and thats it!!
My new polkadot study table..
As i told before,i prefer to study on my bed. And I didn't plan to buy it but last week i went to IKEA to accompany my friend, but once i looked at this small table, i found that it must be useful for me, especially for study.

And it suits well with my bed..i like it soo much..
And i could use it to watch movie with my VAiO..
Its really comfortable to watch movie or do my works
 and i can even eat  on it (like orang sakit)..
Yeeahh..the price its affordable only 499 rubles  (RM50)..
So,thats all!!
See ya!

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