Friday, 11 May 2012


Assalamualaikum and dobrey noch..actually almost 1 a.m now. Its time to sleeeeppppp now.. but i got a story to tell. And it is about our YT students picnic..sume orang ganu blake hok mari..Heeehee..The  picnic held on last week but i just could write about it only now..You know,after colloqs and mountains of homeworks..hahaha..weekends is the most precious day for me.I guess you too!!
We went to the M2 park which is very peace and fascinating views with lots of childrens playing around with their parents..

Meet my friends!!

Family spent their times together..
I wish my parents are here

Our babushka is soo cutee..
We asked her to have a photo with us,and she just smile,agreed.

Hello Kitty ice-cream

Paddle boats..its quite tiring but much more exciting..

Playing "KOTAK BERACUN" together with seniors..

Subhanallah..the best creations is Allah's creation..

eATing corns with NENG..

Lets go home!!

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