Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I am Shoe's Lover

Assalamualaikum.. Hai i gotta hot topic today.. Actually,its a secret..but my groupmates keep asking me, "how many pairs of shoes do you have hahh ???"
And i just smile without answered them. You know what? I don't know too!! I never count them until today, I bought 2 pairs of shoes, and felt like nak arrange and count them one by one.
And thats it!! I got 11 pairs of shoes. Two of them bought from Malaysia and the rest hasil titik peluh ku shopping at Moscow in almost 8 months i've been here!! I don't know laaa how can i bring it back to MALAYSIA .=.='

 TOp,left: New Yorkers, Nike, Adidas, Puma
BOttom,left: Camelot, Camelot, TBOE, Gloria Jeans

I used to be a fan of FLAT Shoes before..but here, its imposible to wear them as i have to walk so fast and with the distance between the faculties ,no one can imagine it unless you are here!! From Faculty of Biology  to PE class,it takes about  1 hour on metro and walking to the class. Ok, if you ask me how many flat shoes do i have in Malaysia, really, i don't know too..maybe 10 or more than that. I'm not sure. BUT... as i left them home,my younger sister used them already,huuhhhh..
Nasib baik la kau ADik...

These is the newest!! 
I bought them just now..after BIO class
I really like their design,with the zips on the sides of shoes
and pokadot red Shoes!!

And last,but not boots..i have another longer boots,but it was macam dah buruk coz i wore them along the winter + i don't know where did i put them..XOXO.
Sorry my boots, janganla buat kisah "AKU SEBUAH BOOTS" plk..masa sejuk2, you berkepit with me 24 hours..but when winter is gone, you buat2 tak nampak I..No la..!! 
I'll wear you on the next Winter.. 


  1. giloo banyok gileee..hahha

  2. tu ar..bru sdar bnyk..huhu

  3. hahahha, laa lame nih dok sedorr? bahay ni.tgk2 leh wat kilang kasut antik.hahaha

  4. haha..bkn kasut je abg pali weh..baju pn banyok gop..pokai g2 je..truk ngguh..haha