Friday, 25 May 2012


Assalamualaikum and konnichiwa..Today,i got picnic with my adorable groupmates..We just brought what we cooked ourself. There's laksa Kedah,cekodok,bubur jagung from Sabah,strawberry chocolates,karipap 7 pagi, ice-cream koktel and my spicy mihun goreng.. And guess what?? I over put the chilis in my mihun and they can't even eat them..Okk foinnee..thats my fault.haha. I got the chili kering from Uth man which  posted from Malaysia by her mom(thank you untie =)) ..and its really killing was tremendously spicy and with the chilly weather outsides make us shaking. And about karipap 7 pagi..made by Ashrul at 7 a.m while others were still sleeping,he was struggling to make his karipap..haha. And we enjoyed ourselves. We ate,laughed and sang the Hindustan songs,and our artist for the shows,was sanguine boy,Fakrul..

Apple candy by Joanna..



Friendship is Love with Understanding..

 Ask Jo how to make this apples candy..
Very delicious,
But Mat Seman si budak Alor Limbat can't even ate them..
Bcoz there're butter and milk = ='
He's the only guy in the world who do not eat cheese,butter,milk 
and all milky product..
What a pity..

Ajwad and Ash..

Me and my best friend ever after,J-zi

I guess,they are the the only boys whose are like our gurlfriends,the kaki shopping,
the kaki posing, they bring lunch box everyday and shares their foods,
whose really love to laugh and make stomachs ache by their hilarious jokes..
and protect us everywhere we are..


  1. i like the last part tooo. that's the truth. but kadang2 they can be too annoying rase nk ketuk je pale sorang2 hahaha

  2. Ajwad jahat kali ork neng?? haha