Monday, 28 May 2012

Love Never Says Sorry..

Assalamualaikum,moshi-moshi,hello, zdravsviteer..Its raining outside..Alhamdulillah..praise to Allah for  
gave us rahmat..The starting of day with rainfall hoping that my day will rained with rezeki from Him,InsyaAllah.."Love never says sorry"..What does it mean? yeaahh..Human created to be loved each other..Love to our creator,Allah SWT, Love to our Prophet,Nabi Muhammad SAW, love to our friends,lovers,to husbands and wifes for those have married and
the precious Love..Love to our Familes..

I watched "Sarangbi" movie  last night,to relief my tension as i've through hard days lately,with the exam that coming very Love Rain..and make me feel want to write on my blog right now..the weather outside remind me to my beloved family whose very very  far from me.I miss my Abah and Ma..I miss my twin brothers,"Debab" and "Debok"..hehe..thats my brothers nickname as they are soooo chubby boys with huge tummy..bcoz they love to eat so much(just like me).Like brother like sister la...nasib baik kakak tak debab cam adik..hihi..When we're together,we always fight,especially when my mom cooked Ayam Goreng and they want the biggest one,so do I..but LOVe..melts my heart..even I hate them, and get jealous when they got everything from our parents but i love them so much..bcoz they are my babies in my heart..I got 8 siblings to be loved..But it is not hard to do so. If we fight,we'll be okay after few moments,even we don't say SORRY, but we become good friends again,laugh and fight again and continously  like that..and the moment i love soo much..when I opened my book and started to study,they took their books and came to me,and studied together but i don't like it bcoz they will ask me macam2..and i started to be like singa betina..marah2 bcoz i couldn't concentrated on my study..and they will tell to our mom,and my mom will scold back at me..and i was like..urggghhhh.nak tak nak,i've to be their teacher at home without paid..haha..but today..i just could teach them when we are skyping. I touched when my debabs could made their own english essay their own now..Oh my're growing..and i become older and older...owhhh..I miss them soo much..couldn't  wait for July..= ='

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