Sunday, 13 May 2012


Assalamualaikum..i just came back from the embassy,attended An NAQBAH,
organized by Azam Rusia.. and its about Palestin.. We got Running Girls game, Who Wants To Be Sumayyah, and also a short drama by our awesome seniors.. As a muslim, i know i failed in lots of things. I didn't alert about my surrounds, muslims in Palestin, Syria, Gaza etc.
Sometimes we didn't realize that our luxury life,with  family supporting us, got friends besides us, delicious food, branded clothes make us feel that we are in very comfortable zone ..But how about brothers and sisters outside there?? They lost their parents, lack of foods but they strong enough to defense our true religion,  ISLAM.. 

Daripada Abu Said al Khudri r.a. katanya :
Aku mendengar Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda :
"Sesiapa dikalangan kamu yang melihat kemungkaran
maka hendaklah dia mencegah dengan tangannya
sekiranya dia tidak mampu hendaklah dia menegah
dengan lidahnya, sekiranya dia tidak mampu
maka dengan hatinya, dan itulah selemah-lemah iman
(Hadis riwayat Muslim)

As a muslim students, we only can help them with our way.  Its still not enough, but insyaAllah..Allah will accept our helps and and hoping that together with them, we share our DOA
asking for their freedom and live like other muslims,insyaAllah..

The drama was really surprising us. Suddenly, they came and pointed the gun toward us.
With their scary costume almost like Israel military..

 We felt the situation ,we screamed, we cried, we scared.. was only a drama to remind us about the violence felt by them. 
But how about them??
I really can't imagine how fright they are.

Lets boycott all stuffs that contributed to iSRAeL!

Lets watch this!! Until the end..

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