Tuesday, 1 May 2012

In The Green World

Assalamualaikum..and konnichiwa..ogenkideska? As the topic above,i would like to talk about moscow in a green way. Green??  its very common in Malaysia. Nothing is more exciting  when i look at my surrounding and the tree is started to show its color. Spring has color my life. Indeed, when i was in Malaysia i didn't even look at them.. Yeeahhh..being apart from our country taught me lots. We never appreciate something when it is in our sight. But when we can't see them, thats it!! We started to miss them. The weather is very good and i feel like i am in Malaysia. Wait2!! Talking about Malaysia.. I'm gonna fly to Malaysia soon. I bought the flight ticket already..YAAhuuuuuu!!! Ma,Abah,abang2 and adik2 ..wait for me yaaa.. I exaggerated happy as this is my first time being apart from them for a very2 long time..its almost 1 year..

All these pics had taken at the park in front of my apartment..
Very fresh view isn't it??
 I love it soo much..
And credit to my beloved photographer,Ahjusshi..

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