Saturday, 21 April 2012


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.. Thanks again to Hitler..bcoz of you i could try to cook so many thing during this holiday.. Here i come with my new recipe. Ok,correction. Not only mine but my housemates too..
Actually i 'd  tried tempayaki once during last winter break. Still remember about my trips to Arbat Strip?? I ate sushi and tempayaki.. Have you ever tried it?  If not,let me tell how to make it.
Its just a simple meal which is base on eggs and oyster..But as usual, i don't have enough ingredients, so i replaced oyster with sosej and chicken.. 

What do you need??

  • Eggs             -2 biji
  • Carrot          - cut into pieces
  • Chicken       - cut into small pieces 
  • Sosej           - up to you (but i prefer to potong dadu)
  • Tiram Sauce- a table spoon
  • Oil               - just small amount
  • Salt              - a tea spoon
  • sushi rice
  • Sushi sauce

Lets try to cook!!

Fry Chicken and carrots together.
Add Tiram Sauce.
Stir together until almost cook.
Then add sosej and salts.

Then, fry the egg on another small frying pan 
and put together with chicken we'd fried 
just now.

These the result.

Put the egg on sushi rice..
Add sushi sauce.
And Tempayaki done!!!

Enjoy your meal dear..!!

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