Saturday, 21 April 2012


Assalamualaikum and konnichiwa.. Ogenkideska?? Ok guys,back to the topic, I'm goinna tell you my secret recipe of Sira Pisang. HAaha..not really secret actually.Have you ever heard or eaten this dishes before? I guess yeahh.. Maybe..but maybe you gave different name to them such Pengat Pisang or maybe something else. I'm not sure..but my buddies told me that Sira Pisang cooked without santan but Pengat Pisang must cooked with santan.. Ooowhh ook..selama  ni duk makan je without knowing their difference. Ok,let say, i cooked Sira Pisang with my own recipe because lack of some ingredients, you know?? Its quit difficult to find daun pandan or santan here,unless you ask your parents to post them from Malaysia..Here,i just wanna share very simple recipe and i think for those yang terasa nak makan sangat2 tu, you may cook yourself.. its very easy..


  • Banana- 8 biji (cut into pieces)
  • Sugar   - 5 table spoon (can add more if not enough sweet)
  • Egg      - 3 biji
  • Salt      - secubit aje (just to make some taste)
  • Water   -  3-4 glasses
  • (can add daun pandan if you have)

How to coOk??

  1. Heat the water with sugar and salt until almost boil.
  2. Put the eggs . Stir together.
  3. When the water  boiled,put all the pieces of banana.
  4. Done (don't wait too long ,if rasa cam da lembik tu, kira da siap)

My first trial.. 

Ok camne?? cun tak?? Very easy right? ok,for those who wanna try it, Good Luck and enjoy your dishes!!

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