Thursday, 19 April 2012


ASSALAMUALAIKUM...i just don't know what to do  as we got 4 days vacation bcoz of 
HITLER's Day.. 
Really.. i've to stay at home,cannot go out if i want to live longer..You know??
On Hitler DAy, we, outsiders should be more careful and supposedly  not going anywhere for our safety.. Yeeeahhh..its really horrible..and i keep writing on my blog..
Even nothing special to write..huuuhhh..(facepalm).

This pic had taken when i shopping at Ashan.

Anatomy,you really make me sick..!!

Its started to rain lately..
Should bring umbrella every time i go out.

Our Madam Lubov..
Lecture of Chemistry,Bio Organic Chem & Biopolymer 

Sunset at 8.30 pm.. 

We got different skin tone..White pinkish skin and
 Mine,kulit kacang tanah punye color
And i really jelly of her.

I bought this compact powder handphone at BAGRATINOVSKAYA.
The place-like Lowyat..
Cute isn't it?

I dunno what kind of theater at the back,
Just mesmerized to the building and pics..

The ice started to melt..
Tapi x sejuk dah..
Just wear the Cardigan.


Actually,I was waiting for Imam to solat Zohor..
But they took my pic while i was sitting on sajadah.
They always call me Babushka..
or NENEK!!
i i look like an old woman??
= ='

Ot Dushi..From Heart..

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