Wednesday, 18 April 2012

PE (part 2)

Assalamualaikum and zdrasvitier..HEy guys we meet again.. with my new entry..PE..Physical Education.. Ok,this time our PE was quit interesting. You know?? WE dont have to wear that balloon-like bubbles anymore..Alhamdulillah..It start to Spring now..but not fully spring  i think..because the flowers is not everywhere..YET. As the season changes, sport shoes must be changed too..HAaha..because we need to bring another shoe for PE. If not..forget about PE..idu damoi..(balik umah ar derr)..That is the rules that we've to follow here. Lately,the temperature rises up to 16 degree celcius..and i could feel the heat of sun..Really,its hot..especially in our room. We don't have any fan or aircond.. So,imagine yourself how we feel..But outside..the weather is very good..As Russian start to hang out outside,and lots of children playing around..Peoples with their bicycles and the beautiful girls wearing the flower skirts.. Very gorgeous.. They started to smile at us..I thought we could never see their smiles.. Indeed, SPRING colours our lifes here..Ok..lets take a look at these pictures..HAHa.. i really love to take photos here..You'll know when you're in the same shoes..Every moment here is very precious to me when my colleagues around..InsyaAllah.. 

New shoes for the new season..

Izzah Hanim with her gorgeous smile and me..
We got same glasses..

Skipping time..
Joanna and Malyn were happiest..
Lompat yerr jangan tak lompat..

From head to toe..Pink color yuuu..

Very fresh grass..But don't get confuse.
This is just phoney..

The best part.. 
We sang our own songs..
"Blue black.."
BUt in this case, Blue aje..Black nye tiddoookkk.
Haaha..lompat xlepas kott..

Now,my turn.. Ras.. Dva.. Tri..Davvaiiii!!!

My big family..This was before PE started.

Moshi-moshi..Ogenkideska?? Haik,genkidess..
Uhisasyiburidesne?? Sodeesnee..
Hahaha..itu je kau tau bila jumpa mamat kat sebelah tu..
(Sanguine Boy)- Fakhrul

Stalking for Russian men..

On the way we went back home,we stopped at ice cream booth at the roadside.. 
And guess what??
We met very cute,small boy and we asked his name in Russian Language.
1..2..3 sec..he was like thinking of something
And what surprising us, he suddenly said,
"My name is Daniella"..
Vvvauuu..he could speak in English..and he's soo friendly and adorable..
Maybe you think that 'ala..biase la speaking je pun'..
BUt for us, when we met Russian who could speak in English especially a small 
boy like him,is something that awkward
and we're very excited to get acquainted with Daniella..
And what made us laugh, when we said "paka",
he didn't reply in the same way but "bye-bye"..
ooohh,ookkk.. he's very funny boy..Hahaha.

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