Thursday, 5 April 2012


Assalamualaikum, zdrasvitier, konnichiwa,bonjour.. Its already April..but MOSCOW is still SNOWING.. huuhhhh..tired of waiting already.. Few days lately the Sun had shown its shine,and we thought that Winter left us already.But it seems not like that because today is still snowing..I  heard  lots about spring in Moscow from my seniors,about pollen of the flowers flying around,playing roller blade and badminton in front of our hostels,having BBQ with friends at the park, and the most i waiting for is the flowers and fruits sold at low price..Eh,betul ke?? Pandai2 je..hahaha..Watermelon,strawberries..Ohhhh,can't wait anymore.. and I'm the fan of roses..White,Red and Pink roses are very beautiful..their petals are most gorgeous creatures in the world..and of course their prices a little bit expensive.. Its about 100 rubles for one Rose here..means that RM10..or maybe higher than that..but actually i never buy it myself here,sebab rasa macam quit wasting my money and because of high living cost in Moscow and need to save money for the other things..Especially for top up Metro and bus.Haha,..But i got lots of roses from my friends and from my beloved 
Ajusshi <3..hehe..Love you so much guys..Back to the topic..Good news is the temperature already positive..Today's +3 degree celcius..Not so cold but its windy..Some of my friend said its Winter in the morning because snowing but, SPRING in evening as the weather was really good and rasa macam duduk kat pantai jerrr..haha 

Flower Shawl and Green Leafs

Pink Roses with the best petals i'd ever seen..

Ok..this is funny..i put my roses in 5L empty mineral bottle..
No vases in my room..
ini je yang ade..(Recycle is better right?? )

I fell in love with you,roses..Subhanallah..the best creation of Him..

White Rose lying on my bed..

First sunny day after long Winter..

Nice view with the world covered by snows..(ignore me in this pic)

Tetibe rase cam duk OVERSEA..
Haha..excited gave them biscuits..

Activity after PE..singgah main dengan Cik Merpati..
Thanks to Mat Seman and Airul for being our photographer...

Alhamdulillah,i have this great moment with my buddies. And only got chances to write on Blog after free from Anatomy class.. ok,lets stop for today..Salam..=)


  1. wow , best nye q hikmaht . and that roses , aww . cantek ! :)

  2. haha..kt sni mmg bnyk rose n lavendar..mmg cntik..

  3. perghhh terbaikkk la moscow...duduk dalam air batu la sokmo gamoknye..hha