Sunday, 1 April 2012


ASSALAMUALAIKUM and zdrasvitier.. I just watched My Generasi video which tagged in Facebook by my bestfriend. Its really awesome..i know maybe most of you watched it already.. Its really really really awesome video. You know what?? I did all the things in that video when i was in primary school. I guess you did it too.Perhaps.. I don't know..
 Ok,lets go back to school..I studied at 
Maybe you guys never heard about this school. BUt it was very common to me and my family,because all my siblings studied at this school.. and i will never forget about it as lots of memories created with all my friends,teachers and the most precious moment is when i got 5A's in UPSR..thank you teachers: Cg Salwa,Cg Razib,Ustazah( lupa nama) & allahyarhamah Teacher Rosilawati..(Al-Fatihah)....
And my PARENTS were the happiest person. And after that i got offer to study at boarding school,SESMA..
bUT today,is really bring me back to primary school.I really miss the moment when i  playing with my boy and girl  friends..HAhaha..masa tu memang tak mature lg..

Ok guys,lets watch it again..Its really me in this video.(including SIZE matter)
And suits me well, TIGA SEKAWAN..
Hikmaht (KEMAT ),Diyana (YANA) & Azyan (MEK)
p/s: don't laugh,these are our manja names among us..hehe

Games List: 
Tek tiang-(rebut tiang)
Main Roba-(main pemadam)
Cipping-game tudung botol
Batu selambut-(batu seremban)
Bola tin-(bola sepak guna tin)
Game Pepsi Cola
Lompat getah
Tiup belon 20sen
Bola Katok-(besbol)

Ok..i thing,thats enough,Opsss..i forgot one thing.FACEBOOK TIME..haha.But at that time,i don't know anything about facebook.But changing biodata and sending love letter to admired one..Hahahaha ...really SHAMELESS  la..  = ='
i guess,all peoples have their own special moments,but remember,don't forget them..!!
Because one day,they will make you smile again..

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