Saturday, 31 March 2012


Asslamualaikum... here i come with some of my arts.. Actually,I love arts so much but indeed,i really bad in drawing,painting or anything related to arts... What does it mean?? It is easy..let say you love to see something beautiful,creatives,charming,gorgeous or whatever  you like,but you don't have that talent to place yourself in that field.I'm not saying that i'm gonna be an artist,entertainer or Youtube singer like Najwa LAtif or YuNa,but i think doctor's drawing also kind of arts..Who says a doctor to be don't know how to draw..???  

OK,Just  look at my Russian Language class today.. we drew parts of our body,try to memorize them and practiced in the class,in front of all student in that class,bur unfortunately i have to go somewhere else and go back early,but never mind. Ok,as you know,we have to memorize every single things related to our body in ANATOMY subject,life cycle of every classes of parasites and so on in Biology subject,so nak tak nak,kenala melukis even we don't have talent. Some lecturer just asking for descriptions of organs or skeletons but my lecturer asks for both,drawings and descriptions.. So,time2 camni ar nak tunjuk bakat melukis right? hehehe..If i collect and put all the drawings,boleh buat atlas Anatomy dah..but still, Lecturer x bagi markah lebih pun..Oh boy, its not good thinks bad about our teachers..
Even we do not get as what we expected, remember that it was just tests from Allah,
And keep in our mind, if we thank to Allah, HE will not let us create our way without Him aside..InsyaAllah..

Who wants to learn Russian Language??
 i guess no one..its really difficult you know..
BUT this is really important as i'm gonna do my 1st practical at hospital in MOSCOW..

Sekali pandang,macam CEPLOS la pulak mamat ni....

Taenia Solium-parasites in pigs 
 Taenia Saginata- parasites in cattles

I guess nobody can read my words..(tulisan Doctor memang macam ni yerkkk)

This is the most interesting life cycle i bet( ECHINOCOCUS GRANULOSUS)..
Ovum passes with feces of the dog,
siap berasap tuuu 
AND the TAIL upward...HAahaa..
BUT this is not my drawing..
Ini AJWAD punye keje..

 This is my LEPAK place with all notes during tests,
If its not exam week,i prefer to study on the bed..
So that easy to fall sleep..
"Ya lublu spat"
Saya suka tidoooooooooooo... =P

Ok...see ya...Assalamualaikum and Dosvidaniya..

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