Saturday, 10 March 2012

PE Time

Assalamualaikum,hello,priveet,konniciwa... we meet again after long time no entry..huhhu.. Actually,i'm still new with this kind of things..i mean,updates my la sangatttt.. I'm not the kind of to show off everything i did or i got but for me, someone who did their blog bcoz she/he wants to create their own memories into something official like writing in blog. Its not that kind of diaries,but juz experience & interesting moments to share..  Macam orang duk cakap sokmo,sharing is caring..haha..tu diaaa..tubik doh Tengganu kite..

 Hmm.. PE( physical education class) this SEM is not bored like last SEm as we did so much interesting sports like ice skate and ski.. Even i've  studied in  KL before & always went to Sunway Pyramid for SHOPPING..but i never tried to ice skate bcoz i don't know how to. Nobody want to teach me..haha but that was not juz the reason.actually, i quite shame.. thats why until now,i don't how to ice skate..hmm you guys don't be like me, bcoz "MALU BELAJAR,JATUH TERGOLEK" tauuu..!!!

Look at this,tried to balance myself..but till now, still feel the pain on my leg.

For me,ski is much easier than ice skate.. =)
Bajet pandai la tewww..

 ME, Joanna & Anis (we're group 98)

 My friends,who make me laugh everyday..

My boyfriends..Don't jelly u..

Ok..the lesson for today, if you guys got the chances to do something exciting or interesting,don't ever shy to do it. BUT,remember !! Everything should be base on the way of Islam,InsyaAllah..
Renung-renungkankan & SELAMAT BERAMAL..

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