Monday, 6 February 2012

Trip to Arbat Streets

I didn't go to other places out of Moscow during this winter,but yet having trip to 
Arbat Streets much more exciting as I got lunch sushi there,with my housemates..really,i juz didn't remember what was the name of that restaurant,but i can tell you the hint,as i arrived at Arbat Streets,there's such a big cow at the middle of the street.

Tried harder to eat sushi with chopstick. Haha..that's not me, even before i used to be in Japanese Club when i was in secondary school. My sensei kept teaching us how to use chopsticks properly. Owh my.. That was a great moment with sensei,but now, 2 years already since i left my school.

That's it!! Me and very big,cute cow...AAAaahhh..mashketta..haha..that's my favourite Korean's word. Which mean, awesome!!

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