Thursday, 15 August 2013

Back to School

Assalamualaikum..hey guys..since i haven't posted any new entries lately,i think its about two know,i'm having too much fun at home with my families and the present of new member,my first nephew,and the very first grandson to mom and dad,my baby doll Muhammad Fayyadh Khalish make me leave my blog for awhile.. I've posted lots of his photos in my instagram,do check them out,i think its not my instagram anymore it's Khalishs'.. By the way,this is my first entry with my new white ipad mini. It is going to be easier to update more entries soon..and maybe i could bring less books to school.. Oh man, in 12 days i need to say good bye to Malaysian's food and say hai to the potatoes,fish burger and babushka (nenek at Russia yg over garang) :)))
Anyway..see you again in the next entry.. Oh ya,please do pray to our brothers sisters in Mesir..may Allah give them strenght and merci. 

                           Took this photo from my facebook.. Medical school's minneys.


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