Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Fountain

Assalamualaikum..again,i updated new know..i'm kind a love to take photos..even the pictures of toilet..
Anything that eye catching,or mesmerized me..i'll not just keep it in my phone album,but to share my blog..
As not all peoples could come here..
Maybe not now,but some should visit the places i've ever came..
Actually, i don't easily go out to have fun or out for just take some pictures..
Plus,the life as a medic student not allow me to do so..
Plus,my schedule on Saturday always make me sick!!
Lemme tell you!
Every Saturday,i go out at early in the morning,for Russian Language class at Frunzenskaya,
then Histology lectures at Akhodni Riyad till 2 o'clock..
THEN..i've to wait for almost 4 hours for the next  lesson,which is Physiology lecture which start at 5.45 pm to 7.45 pm..
Soo....guess what i did to spend the time as i couldn't go home..It takes one hour and half to go back to hostel and come back again also one hour and half if the traffic is bad..and the tendency to skip the lecture is really high...
I tried once,when i when back home,i slept and woke up late..You might not know..
For me,it is impossible to sleep for just an hour..It MUST be more than that..So,that is me..

Here it is!! I decided to have a walk at the nearby park..Together with IzzahNurHanim.. 

I really suprised!! I came to the Manesh  almost every day for the last two semesters as most of the class were here..But it never came to mind to look what is outside..
There're few big,tantalizing fountains ..
Cantikkk bro..!!

The Prince and Frog...

Barbie and Swan

Wearing Batik Terengganu's Pario ..

With Izzah..

Izzah took this couple's pictures secretely...

That is what i told earlier...
The RED TOILET in Moscow..

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