Saturday, 13 October 2012

Days with Sweetheart habitual...i'll look again and again my family member's pics when i miss them..
even i'm 20 years old now,still..easily got homesick.. i come from a very big,cheerful,crowd and loud family,No wonder i feel lonely whenever i'm alone here, stuck in foreign,in order to overcome  my loneliness matter,i will call my mom once a day..but rarely with abah as abah is a kind of busy man..but i know,he trust me more than others and always passes his words to mom..and mom will tell me..
And i miss my Debab and Debok surely.. huhhhh..
You guys should be jealous on me,sure,you must!!
Having a pair of twins brother are  sooo much fun..Even sometimes their gestures irritating or annoying,haha...

Miss them so much..
My little babies,when we having a short trip and rest at a Demong Beach Resort..
and the day after,went to few shopping malls in Kelantan 
then, heading to Tok Wan's house..
and meet some other relatives which i haven't met for a year..

My Debok finished his breakfast with 5 glasses of juice..
Till the end,he could not open his eyes..
but half an hour later,don't suprise if he ask for foods again..
Thats how he grows up,my baby.

Found this Instax Mini Camera while wandering around mall..
Only RM200++

Mom and DAd...
Your daughter is growing to be a young lady,but you became older..
They,who raised me up...
Who lend their shoulders when i gave up or failed in my study, cheer me up, 
Friends for laugh and cries, and my BANKER as well..

Having a great time with siblings..
9 months to go...till i could play with them again..Aigoo...pogoshipputa...
Ma..nak balikkkk!!

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