Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Road Taken

Assalmuaalaikum..kak deela? Ya ooocinnn ustala,patamushta sicas,u minyya iyess oci mnoga damashnie zadaniee.....Eh,was my Russian grammar correct??? i guess some of my followers not understand what i was merapu just now. Lemme tell you..i said,
"how are you? i was really3 tired because i got so many homework today.."
actually,not only today...

i couldn't run away..
the homework waiting from Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday
Aku takk hinggin...dan tak mboh...
(Awi Rafael-Pulanglah version)

When the lectures,classes and seminars began..
I go out early in every morning and come back after the sun already shy to show his face..
and my talent in drawing  especially in Anatomy subject will shown proudly on every Thursday to Innetsa Georgina,my "beloved" lecturer...

This is my study table,dining table and lepakking place as well,for this new semester..
and don't forget the toaster from Russia,where i bake buns every morning..and put jems and then pack them in lunch box,so that i could jimat more and save money to travel soon,insyaAllah.. 

I am too short to ride this bike..haha..
There's an amazing mural outside and Italian's meal inside there,but i haven't chance to try them yet..

Autumn started..When the leaves start to fall..and the yellow world around..
the most beautiful season for me..

I bought this watermelon for 180 rubles..ocin balshoii.. 

Russian lessons,learning how to make "cacing kerawit" arranged beautifully on the lines..


Stole pic from instagram...unofficial editor like me never have the perfect pics..
Or maybe i'm not used to be in front of camera..Yeke?? LAlalaala...


  1. Assalamualaikum .. Kak Iki! Awesome! :D
    hef nice life there .. be tough n strong okayy (^_^)
    salam ukhuwah love from Malaysia <3

  2. tq ain..=) insyaAllah i will.gud luck u 2! :)