Monday, 17 September 2012

Study kah AKu??,already 1.00 a.m in moscow..(5 a.m in Malaysia)..and i'm still facing my medical books..Could i say its annoying to do such thing?? Apparently yeahh..but actually,seeking for knowledge,with the right aim,insyaAllah we'll get the giants benefit on the future.. BUt indeed i'm not hardworking know?? I only studied if there are colloqs or exams..Till One day,a friend told me.. Whats the point we came here? I said, we gonna be a doctor someday..Yeahh.its true..but she said,if we study just for the exam,what do we get? Only the short term memory of knowledges..If you want to help the patients,at first,you need to help yourself..
Ha'a la kannn???
Ilmu sekakangkang KERA aje,kesian patients ..

Bersyukurkah aku??? I really wanted to come here,and Allah gave me this chances..the olders said,time2 xdapat offer to further study,you all menangis but when they came to the reality, you all tak appreciate pulak..
So,lets study...!! 
With the biscuits and a glass of MILO..davaiii..

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