Monday, 2 July 2012

My compact powder handphone lost???

Assalamualikum...just 1.28 a.m,when i was watching Korean Drama, Ahjusshi whats app me..and he asked..
"where are you?? Where's your handphone?? There was a Pak Cik called me just now called me using your number" he said.
 And zapppppp!! in a blink eye i rushed into my beg,digging and digging again..
Not found..and tried to looked into it again,there were only my purse,passport, student and metro card..
That Pak Cik spoke in Russian Language,so ahjusshi could not understand well. BUT, that pak cik once talked about "Cafe"!! Yessss!! I remember now..i went to Evrasia after coming back from shopping at MAnesh..and i tried to call my compact powder's handphone but, it unactivated already..and i thought,there's no more chances to see my cute hp..Alhamdulillah,fortunately i am regular customer of Evrasia  and i have the Evrasia's business card..there was a phone number there..
YUPPPP... indeed,my hp now with Tauke..soooo...i'm gonna take it tomorrow..insyaAllah,hope that everything will be going smoothly..

See you tomorrow dear..will be there soon!!

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