Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Debab & Debok,my older brother uploaded our twin's picture and i make an entry about it..hahaha..Don't you ever try to laugh..only me can do so!yeaahhhh,their stomach are sooooo amazing things i'd ever seen..and i love them so much(bcoz sometime they can be a soft,comfortable  and elastic pillow..haha .Once I looked at them, i feel like to fly home right away .I miss them so much..And i spent more than 5000 rubles for both of them,bags,pants,shirts and lots more..Because they are precious! Maybe peoples don't like "budak sihat" like them..but i am a big fan of them!! I'm not kidding.. I love kids who are chubby and sihat bcoz i could hug them with full arm..its sooo warm,and comfortable..

The left side is the manja one, ADIK AFIQ
and the right one is kind hearted,understanding, ABANG AFIF

The pic was taken at Tok Wan's house at KEruak,BEsut..There is a river behind them,that i used to play and make arts with the coloured stone on our faces ,konon2 pergi spa..dengan supupu sepapai..that river is the first attraction to our siblings,to visit the Village,then would be Tok wan.hehe..

This baby is too cute !!!

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