Friday, 29 June 2012

What i used to eat..

Assalamualaikum and apa khabar..13 days more yuhuuuuuuu!!! Malaysia, wait for me..
And i started to take special care of my body..especially my happy stomach..xoxo
As i don't want to look chubby in front of my family..and preparation for raya..haha
My body weight went up to 5kg + + along here.
And guess what i eat here??
They are all yummy, but highly calories..
When i was here, i realized that i'm a big fan of fruits..
I guess all students here so much like me...
We eat strawberries, cherry, kiwi (or chinese goosberry), bananas, grapes and lots more..

This dishes are the most popular on Spring..

We celebrate all colleague's birthday..
If 5 persons per month, 5 times we did makan besar..

Pizza at Evrasia..i ate all myself..
Like a boss..haha

Chicken Wings

Strawberry cake (my favourite)

Kentucky Fried Chicken home made..
Mummy, i really can cook now..!!

Meal at East Buffet..
You can take as much as you want..but only 1 plate..haha
i just took seafood, fruits and fillet which the only meal yang halal.. 

Sushi at Arbat Streets..

Ice cream..
don't get wrong..this is not ABC..

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