Saturday, 30 June 2012

Theme Park VDnh

Assalamualaikum..since i am really free now,no more anatomy for awhile, so i could update my blog twice a day..actually,there is nothing to do and no more shopping for this sem, so i just lying on my bed,watching korean drama until my  swollen eyes cannot stay any longer..end up with sleep endlessly..and read other's blog..and going to amusement park at Vdnh..

The performance at entrance door.. 

Wine Booth

Bicycles for rent for single and couple sits.

I tried to get this polar bear..but failed!!

The pic taken after we rode Eye of Moscow for 250 rubles(RM 25)

We rode this mini Roller Coaster
And it almost made my heart jumping out of  my chest..
Really,it was scary than roller coaster at Times Square!
I'm not kidding,just look at these two cool men..

Could you see the rocket on the top??

I felt like in Teletubies Drama..

After all,i just played 3 games, as i was penniless!!
Its really killing me as every game cost about 300 rubles..
at MALAYSIA,it was only RM5 for every game..(if i've not mistaken)..

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