Sunday, 18 December 2011

holidays without me at malaysia

Posted by PicasaIts school holiday n all my siblings gathered at home except me!  dunno what to say..Glad?? Absolutely not! Being in Moscow without my famili is sooo much pain..but thinking that i'm here for study medicine bcoz of Allah,could calm myself little bit. Sometimes i wonder why i choosed to be here,its far from family ,need to cook myself..fuhh..i really miss my mom's cook.. The sambal petai ikan bilis made by daddy sooo delicious.. somebody might say, PETAi?? yarrkksss..buSuK nye!! who cares??.. i like it so much.. whoever wanna marry me, i will force him to eat petai with me when we have dinner..haha (evil laugh). juz kidding honey..;)..Hmm.. i think i should stop here,since talking about makanan kampung make me even miss my famili.. bye

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