Thursday, 31 May 2012

Do Svidaniya Neng..,after anatomy class my friends and i went to Domodedova airport to send Neng. Ok,she lost her Passport and Visa so that she ought to leave Moscow immediately. Heaven gilerr..Her Summer break lengthen  to 3 months and she don't have to sit few exams..
INI TIDAK ADIL,Tidak adil bagikuuuuu!! (Yuna version)..
but i really proud of her..She settled everything herself but ade jugakla kitorang tolong2..and last night,i helped her to arrange her souveniers and from that,i got some ideas, what should i buy for my family and friends.XOXO.. It was really hard for her,but Alhamdulillah..finally she could back to Malaysia freely..

I dunno what's his name..but i ever played this when i was a kid.
And Datuk Sheikh Muszhafar and her wife,Dr.Halina also took photo with this man when they visited Russia..

Why you look so sad????

We were like sending Izzah to Makkah,kalau boleh satu Pushkin nak hantar dia balik 
(mood: miss my MALAYsia )

bye IZzah..

Dress for today..


  1. K IKIIIII ! Hahaha izzah baru perasan niii . sorry thank you k iki for sending me n for the bag tooo! lovelyyy much . rindu k iki . neng tgu k iki blik ye hehe :)

  2. haha..jgn tggu sje..blanje skali.haha